Mobile Navigation Toggle Not Working


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Hello, I'm working on a new site. I've built several using DWB and the mobile nav toggle always worked fine until now. I can see it but when I click on it, nothing happens. I am using the same settings on this new site as I used on the last one but the new one doesn't work when clicked. Any idea what the hangup might be? Sorry but this is a local development installation so I have no links to post. Thanks for any help you can provide.



I´d say the most likely cause is a JS error caused by a plugin. Second guess is a CSS problem (z-index or overflow). But it´s hard to tell without being able to inspect anything.
Try disabling all plugins temporarily, clear all caches and see if it works then.


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I found the problem thanks to a little help from David in Dynamik Support. Apparently my Stat Counter code was causing the problem. Once I deleted that code, the hamburger icon worked. Thanks Siga.