Issue with Genesis DevKit adding escape char in devkit-combined.min-css

I'm trying out Genesis Devkit on a site but have hot on an issue where it appears the process for combining the stylesheets into devkit-combined,min.css is falling over for me. It's adding the escape char \ before double and open quotes and therefore breaking the styles this is happening on. Here's an example:

#custom_html-22 a.heart::before{content:\"\f004\"}#custom_html-22{content:\"\f2b9\"}

These are styles to add a fontawesome icons before an anchor tag but the fa icons don't display unless I remove the backslash. This isn't the only example, there are 130 instances in the stylesheet so other things (such as displaying the correct font) are also broken. I've removed all the backslash escape chars from the file and all is displaying as it should, but if I change the devkit-custom-css, the combined is regenerated and it's back to square one.

Am I missing something here, need to adjust a setting somewhere or override this somehow?

Regards, Mark
I can add a bit more info to this issue... it isn't occurring in Chrome, yet in Chrome, devkit-design.css and devkit-custom.css are enqueued, these files and not combined into devkit-combined.min.css as with FF, Edge and Safari.


Cobalt Apps Developer
OK, I see what you're saying. That appears to be a bug. I'll look further into this and push out an update soon if that turns out to be the case.