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Instant IDE

So I've been using Instant IDE for a few days now and it's great.

My only real complaint is that it doesn't remember anything when it closes or times out. I left work Sunday and when I came back this morning (Tuesday) I had to re-login and it didn't remember what files I had open or where I was.

Where can I get additional theme files or change the colors to custom colors?
According to the Instant IDE doc, I can install WordPress in a folder by right-clicking and selecting "Install WordPress".

If WordPress already exists, will it overwrite the existing files? In otherwords, sometimes I re-install the WordPress core files to remove malware. So this would be a GREAT way of more easily doing that.
The time-out on Instant IDE is WAY TOO SHORT. I am having to re-login after walking away for an hour and losing everything in the process.

Can you please add an option to stay logged in for 24-hours.


Cobalt Apps Developer
Eric got the timeout issue fixed, thanks so much!
YES!! That one baffled me for a bit, but I pushed out a solution in the latest iIDE release. There were some PHP session conflicts going on in particular site setups, but now iIDE handles its own sessions independently so that should no longer be an issue moving forward. :)