Instant IDE installation issue


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I have an issue installing and running Instant IDE for the first time. It has been correctly installed as a wordpress plugin and activated with the license key. It then asks to "Create your instant IDE user account" and whatever I type into the form results in the following error message: "Form Validation Error... please try again".

This is kind of poor show for a new tool. What is the issue here, and can you help to get it sorted.

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System Specs
PHP Version: 5.6.30
WordPress Version: 4.9.5
Instant IDE Versions: (Current 1.1.5) (Latest 1.1.5)


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OK, I'm not aware of an issue with that particular server, but could you send me your WP login details for that site? I just need you to contact me through your support system through the contact forum at the bottom of your "My Account" page on

EDIT: Since this post we've found a potential solution for this kind of form validation error on certain server setups. Click the link below for more:
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