How do I create a draft homepage/front end while I keep the current one live?

Very much a wordpress beginner. Not sure if I am even posing this question correctly, or in an understandable way, but here goes. I am working on a site that using the Dynamik-Gen theme.

I would like to keep the current site as is, but have a place in the installation where I can create a new draft front end/homepage, with a totally different design/structure.

How do I do this? What would be the proper way of saying what I'm trying to do. This seems like an issue other people out there might have dealt with, but my random googling has come up dry.

Thanks in advance for any help


Creating a draft frontpage from a default WordPress page or a page that contains pagebuilder content wouldn´t be a problem while if you plan to use the EZ frontpage (widgetized), I´d recommend to test everything on a testserver or onboard.

You didn´t point out what kind of frontpage you are planning so this question is hard to answer (and hard to google, I can imagine)....