Help with Freshly skin, pages instead of categories in subnav


New Member
I have recently begun building my website using the freshly skin. I'm also using the Beaver Builder page builder to help me on my journey to become more proficient in wordpress!

Now I have my first challenge (not really first but I can't figure it out :)):

Here's what i want to do:
Have the subnav menu point to pages instead of categories so I can have more control of how the page looks which the menu item points to. Fx. I want a menu item called "Portfolios" which point to a page that has some static content on top (full width) as well posts below that with a sidebar as well.

If I just link to a page the subnav menu breaks, and atm I'm just not skilled enough to fix that :)

Is there any way to have the subnav menu to point to pages while still retaining the beautiful menu formatting?

Thanks for any hints!


Cobalt Apps Developer
The secondary menu can house whatever kind of pages or categories or custom links that you'd like, and as far as I know still retain the formatting and design. Can you not just go to Appearance > Menus and customize the secondary menu the way you prefer (i.e.. pages instead of categories)? Or am I just misunderstanding your question?