Help with EZ Home Widget Area


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I am using the Dynamik Enterprise Skin and have the EZ Home page set to 3 1 3 layout config. I would like to have the background fill for the EZ Home Bottom widgets stay even as text content gets entered into a widget (i.e. if there is more content entered into EZ Home Bottom #1 the background fill would have the same dimensions for EZ Home Bottom #3 thus creating a uniform look). Right now, the background color fill for each widget extends based on home much text is entered into each individual widget. I suppose I could use multiple </br> tags in the text field, but I am thinking there is probably a better way.

I am also wondering if there is a way to make the wrap for the EZ Home Bottom widgets wider thus allowing the individual widgets themselves to be slightly wider.




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Hey Bri,

Way late on the reply, I see, but in case this is still relevant, what's the link to the site in question?


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There are different ways to address this with CSS, but nothing super simple that is going to perfectly address your desired effect (that I can think of, at least). This is the old "how do I make all my columns the same height" dilemma. One simple way to address this is to add a min-height to the Home Bottom Widgets by pasting the following into your Dynamik Custom CSS like so (adjust the actual min-height value as needed):
#ez-home-bottom-container .ez-widget-area {
    min-height: 380px;