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I know Freelancer is meant to be lean and mean, but I thought there would be some options for headers and footers. I always assume thats the role of the framework? Maybe not.

My real question is if I start using Freelancer, how am I supposed to control the footer widgets? Is that controlled using Freelancer DevKit now?


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What footer widgets? Freelancer does not have footer widgets by default, though they can be easily added by Extender Pro, or with a little Custom Coding using Freelancer DevKit.

With Freelancer I left out anything that I did not see as absolutely essential, like a second Sidebar, a second menu, and things like footer widgets. But as a framework it's loaded with action hooks that make adding such things super simple.
Yeah I was playing around with Genesis/DWB (as a stand in for Freelancer/F-DevKit) after I posted this and figured a way to build in some footer widgets. Pretty interesting way to build custom widgets areas.

I don't know if this is the best way, but I created 4 widget areas as shortcodes, then created a hook area, with the 4 inserted short codes, did a little html and css and it looked good as a starting point.


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See if this doesn't help as well: https://cobaltapps.com/how-to-add-footer-widgets-to-the-freelancer-framework/

Note that your solution is actually one I've used and taught for years using either the Dynamik Custom Options or Extender Custom Options. Just like you said, you create your Custom Widget Areas, turn them into shortcodes, add them to a Custom Hook Box, and then wrap them in HTML through that Hook Box.

There are more bits to it that can be helpful so I may create another screencast about it to clarify at some point. Here's an example, but in this screencast I don't use the Hook Box so it's not as relevant: https://docs.cobaltapps.com/article/113-using-genesis-column-classes-in-custom-widget-areas

If I create that screencast I'll be sure to post it here.
What is the easiest way to change or add to the Copyright area of the footer?

I figure I need to filter out the current Copyright info, then create a widget/hook box combo to filter in an editable widget??
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