Genesis Simple Sidebar Plugin Clashing With Genesis Extender


I have been trying to make the simple sidebar plugin work, however, after installing genesis extender it seems that there is some problem.

Even after making a new custom sidebar and assigning it to an individual post, the default sidebar of the theme doesn't change for individual posts.

We are using news pro theme.

Can anyone kindly help with the same?

Thanks in advance


Cobalt Apps Developer
I just tested this exact scenario out and it worked just fine. Just note that you have to actually add a Widget to your Simple Sidebar Widget Area for it to override the default sidebar. Otherwise the Default Sidebar displays instead.
Hi Eric Thanks for the reply.

Can you please explain as to what you exactly mean by "you have to actually add a Widget to your Simple Sidebar Widget Area "?

We created a widget area "a" using extender and displayed it for all "single posts".

We then created a sidebar area using simple sidebar and named it "b" and tried to assign it to the a particular post.

However, when we open that particular post, we are able to see both "a" and "b" in the sidebar, even if we select only "b" sidebar from the "sidebar selection option" as shown below:


Can you explain as to why it is happening?

Also, can you please direct me to a tutorial which can guide me for the same, if there is any.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Cobalt Apps Developer
I'm a bit confused by your description here. You're saying that you've created a Custom Widget Area with Extender and set it to display on ALL posts (which Hook Location, by the way?). Then you've created a new Sidebar with the Simple Sidebars Plugin and assigned it to a specific post. Now, you're saying that on that post BOTH widget areas display (the one from Extender and the one from SS), but this is where I'm confused. You're saying that you're able to see BOTH widget areas IN the sidebar? The sidebar is its own widget area and what Extender creates is its own widget area, so you should be able to see the Extender widget area INSIDE the sidebar.

Also, that is correct that if you set the Extender widget area to display on ALL posts and then set the SS Sidebar to display on a particular post, that particular post should then display BOTH widget areas. So I'm just confused as to what's not working here.
Eric, sorry for the confusion. But I think you got it right.

The below is what we created - custom widget, which is visible on all posts.


However, for some posts, we want different widget areas which would have related content to that specific posts.

So we created a widget area for that particular post.

But as you mentioned, both will be visible. So do you mean to say we create another condition to not display "the post archive sidebar" on that particular post?

Hope I am making myself clear.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance.


Cobalt Apps Developer
OK, I see what you're saying. Now, the question is, are we talking many different single posts with many different sidebars, or many different single posts with only one unique sidebar?
We are looking for several posts having their own dedicated sidebars having content related to that specific subject.

For e.g. posts on "fitness" will have a specific different sidebar with posts and ads related to that subject.

similarly, posts on "relationship" will have a totally different sidebar with content related to that subject.

That's why we choose simple sidebar so that we can easily select a sidebar we created for that particular post manually. We are looking to have 10-15 sidebars showcasing different type of content related to each subject.


Hope I am making myself clear.

Thanks in advance.


Cobalt Apps Developer
Try this:
  • Create a Custom Label and name it: Special Post
  • Create a Custom Conditional with the Name: is_single_post_not_label and the Tag: is_single() && ! extender_has_label('special-post')
  • Assign this new Conditional to the Custom Widget Area that you want to display on all posts EXCEPT that of special posts, and be sure that is the ONLY Conditional selected for that Custom Widget Area.
  • Then select that "Special Post" Label on any single post (in the post edit page under "Genesis Extender Labels") that you want to exclude that Custom Widget Area, and ONLY display your SS Sidebar content.