Genesis DevKit and custom fonts

Okay, so I'm in love with Genesis Devkit + Genesis Extender. They're a fantastic combination!

One thing I'd like to learn is whether it's possible to load a custom font so that it shows up in DevKit's font selection pulldown. That seems to be built only for system and Google Fonts. I'm creating a site now with a nice custom font that I own. I converted it at Font Squirrel and coded it in the old-fashioned way into the DevKit's Custom Options-> Custom Styles area. It works great, no problem, but it would be nice (and easier and faster) to make font changes using DevKit's Design Option tools than to keep going back to CSS for every little thing I want to do.

Is something like that possible?


Cobalt Apps Developer
Hey Keith,

Glad to hear you're enjoying this DEV combo so much! :) Regarding your question, yes, I totally see the benefit there. I'll consider adding it at some point, but I can't promise a date or anything like that at this point.