Freelancer theme PHP code

Hi Erik,

I have your tools for genesis and for freelancer. I am not a php programmer. so I work with themes for genesis and the skins of your website. from everything test and experiments in terms of site speed and seo, double css etc. the freelancer is the best framework to use! far away the best! How can I best make a theme / layout for freelancer? are php examples for example boxed cards etc found on your site? can you recommend a site where I can find php code to create a theme for freelancer?

best regards Jim


Cobalt Apps Developer
Hey Jim,

At this point the main resources for Freelancer are found in the DOCS page here:

For example, here's a tutorial on how to add custom footer widgets in Freelancer:

And there's our screencasts as well:

And of course you can download the default Freelancer Child Theme here:

Or even easier would be to use Themer Pro to create Custom Freelancer Child Themes, or Freelancer DevKit if you prefer all the point-n-click design controls.