Freelancer Framework vs Genesis Framework how do they compare?

Over the years I have grown to love Genesis and DWB, because of them I've learnt so much about WP design but there is still a heck of a lot I needed to know about coding in PHP and JavaScript in order to generate better designs and features in websites that clients are looking for these days.

About two/three years ago I started using BeaverBuilder and that pagebuilder enabled me to take my front page designs to another level (I seldom used it for inner pages, archives, etc) without me having to spend hours learning coding, so that was a big plus for me.

Not so long ago BeaverThemer was born and it really help me to up my game for designing Themes, inner pages, archives etc - again without having to learn coding so another big step in my capabilities to delivering great looking websites in faster turnaround to my clients.

Even though I am still using Genesis/DWB alongside BeaverBuilder and BeaverThemer the reliance on DWB for granular styling and function is becoming less and less and I have started to wonder if it's time to let go of my trusted friends - Genesis and DWB? should I now turn my attention to the new kid on the block - Freelancer Framework?

I am just opened the box to Freelancer but I do not see a lot of options available to customize it compared to Genesis/DWB so I am thinking is it comparable to Genesis?
Genesis is know as a great Framework because the code is light, its great for SEO, and page speed is fast.

The question I have in my head is "is Freelancer equipped with the same great features we've come to expect from Genesis or will Freelancer be better?"

Will I need plugins or coding to give get SEO features in Freelancer sites?
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It all depends, but here's a basic rundown:

First, you have to compare apples to apples here. Just comparing "vanilla" Freelancer with the Genesis/Dynamik combo is not a valid comparison. A more apples to apples comparison would be to compare Freelancer + Freelancer DevKit + Extender Pro with Genesis/Dynamik. In that case there are similar attributes, however both Genesis and Dynamik are still going to a bit more feature rich overall. And of course Genesis and Dynamik have ton more support and resources because they've been around a lot longer.

Freelancer is super fast and efficient, even more so than Genesis, but they're both so fast it's negligible. And Freelancer has super clean code like Genesis. Freelancer is also mobile-first out of the box which is nice. But overall I wouldn't say it's better, just different.

It's totally up to you and I don't think you can go wrong, but at this point if you already own Genesis I'd say there's little reason to change frameworks at this point unless you really just want to give Freelancer a go for that "new" experience. :)
Thanks Eric,
That's good to head about Freelancer. You've developed so many awesome tools we are certainy spoilt for choices now!
Yesterday I started playing with Freelancer but I soon realized I could not do much designing without using Themer Pro so I guess I will need to buy that soon.
As I was reading the Freelancer documentation I saw mention of "Themer Pro Lite" - is that available now or is that for the future?


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Themer Pro Lite was just a basic Plugin that allowed you to create the initial base Child Theme with the name you choose, along with version into, etc.., but it didn't provide any of the customization capability.

Also note that Themer Pro and Freelancer DevKit are similar in that they both allow you to easily create custom Freelancer Child Themes, but Themer Pro is way more geared toward the coder, while DevKit provides hundreds of point-n-click design options that allow for a wider ranger of users to create custom designs.