Freelancer Dev Recommendation

Eric, I've watched your videos and I have a fair understanding of all the apps, and the overlaps they share, but I still need a little guidance.

My goal is to have my LOCAL environment as is typical, develop a customer site using your tools (and Elementor Pro). But when I publish that customer site to the LIVE servers, I don't want the dev tools to go along for the ride. So the customer will see the parent theme, and a child theme with all the needed PHP and CSS files, but not the dev extensions or tools.

What is the ideal set-up using your apps with Freelancer and/or Genesis?



Cobalt Apps Developer
Sorry for the delayed response. :)

Currently you could do this with either Freelancer or Genesis and tools like our DevKit Plugins or Themer Pro. Both create custom, hard-coded Child Themes for their respective frameworks while providing either no-coding design options (in the case of DevKit) or direct file-access (in the case of Themer Pro), and everything you do through these tools leave you with a fully hard-coded Child Theme that can be used independent of the DEV tools themselves.

Themer Pro, on the other hand, currently requires that it remain active on the site you're implementing the customizations, but I may update it to provide a solution that allows for the customizations to run independent of the Extender Pro Plugin, but that's not in place at the moment.