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Fluid landing page - masonry grid layout

Hi again!

I am not sure where to post this question...

I am pretty new at everything in the world of website building, but I've decided to try Wordpress with Genesis and Dynamik Website Builder (+ Beaver builder plugin) to build my very first "blog" website.

Unfortunately, I am starting to think I did not make a good choice. Hopefully, someone can help me here.

I would like the website to be only a fluid landing page with a masonry grid style layout. When a post is added, it shows on the landing page.
There is no navigation bar, in other words. There is a sidebar with categories and an "about me" section + fixed header for the logo, that's it.

It seems that Beaver Builder can edit pages, posts and templates, but not the landing page. Am I wrong ? Am I missing something ? If so, where in DWB can I edit my landing page layout as a fluid one and with a grid style ? I can only see a choice between EZ static or Wordpress... And I am not much of a widget user.

Thanks for any help... I would like not to buy a pre-made theme that looks like what I am looking for since I've already bought DWB and Genesis for many long term reasons, one of them is to slowly learn CSS, for once. Hope I made the right choice...
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