Extender Pro vs F_DevKit

Hi guys....as you know, there is some overlapping functionality between Extender Pro and F_DevKit, specifically the custom options Styles, Functions, Scripts. Is there any advantage of doing customizations in one plugin over the other when both are installed? Thanks.

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Cobalt Apps Developer
That's a great question! It really just depends on how you're using those Plugins. For example, if your main goal is to compartmentalize as much of your customizations into a Child Theme then by all means keep all those Custom Code bits inside the DevKit Plugin, but for more organic, customize as you go and as the site changes, etc... then it can be nice to use the Extender Plugin for that kind of stuff. I use Extender Pro for all the customizations that occur as my sites evolve, while I use tools like Themer Pro and DevKit for more of the initial design, though even then it depends on the job or setup on working with.
Ok great.

So if I'm understanding you correctly - for a customer site - I should use DevKit to make customizations BEFORE I export as a new custom child theme. I would use DevKit for anything I know I want hardcoded into the customer custom child theme.

Then if I've already exported a new customer custom child theme, I could opt to use Extender to make FURTHER customizations to that already existing customer custom child theme.

That actually helps me understand the product purpose better. Thanks Eric.


Cobalt Apps Developer
You've got the basic idea down, but a few things to note:
  • With DevKit you don't actually "Export" anything. DevKit simply writes the custom code in real-time as you make admin changes. So your Child Theme is ALWAYS a completely independent, custom child theme that can work on its own without DevKit present.
  • So at any point in time you can deactivate/delete DevKit and your Child Theme will just keep on working, yet you can also then activate DevKit at anytime and continue to customize it with the DevKit Plugin.
  • But yes, you've got the basic idea down, that DevKit is more intended to be the initial creator of the Child Theme, while Extender is more of the theme-independent customization tool that can be used for the life of the site.
But again, there's no real right or wrong way to use our tools. That's just how I use them and how I designed them function best.