Dynamik Website Builder Site Now Crashes Under DesktopServer 3.9.1

I recently updated to DesktopServer 3.9.1 which now includes PHP v7.x and a local site no longer loads. After removing all the plugins I went to the themes and a soon as I changed Dynamic Website Builder's folder name from dynamik-gen to dynamik-gen-backup the site immediately came back up. I tried to troubleshoot the problem by changing the custom-functions.php file to custom-functions-backup.php but that didn't fix the problem.

I wondered if I might have a little help troubleshooting the problem so I can get back to building the site?

I downloaded and installed Dynamik Website Builder v2.4.3 tonight and that also didn't solve the problem. So I wonder if DWB is compatible with PHP 7.x?


Ansel Taft


Hi Ansel! Dynamik is fully compatible with PHP 7.x, I do have several live sites running on 7.0 / 7.1 (you might want to export and test on a live server to compare if you have the chance). So I would assume it isn´t the PHP version itself...
Is WP debug on? You might want to try and see if you could catch any errors and contact CobaltApps and/or DS support to report them.

I had DS running for years (and ran into a few problems I didn´t have on any live server btw.) but a few months ago an update to a new version of DS crashed around 50% of my playgrounds. Had DS support fix that for me (big + for their support team) but didn´t really appriciate the fact that it was actually a bug in DS they didn´t officially announce. Just saying. Since then, I´m also experimenting with other solutions (like Local, which had PHP 7.x quite a while before DS and Dynamik is working fine there).
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