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DWB auto-updates to happen or at least indicate/notify needed?

I have my reg code entered into all 17 of my client installations. In the past, I have seen that the left column will show a red circle indicating that something needs updating, I go to the dashboard or Themes, and see that Dynamik needs an update. (And perhaps I would receive an email, or even auto-update I can't remember now...)

However, recently (the last year or more?) I can login and no indicator is present until I click on Themes, and then, lo!, hey, Dynamik needs an update (and has for several versions evidently!).

Also, I use iControlWP to manage all my sites, and their system used to be able to indicate to me that Genesis and Dynamik needed updates (being premium add-ons, sometimes their system doesn't catch them), but Dynamik is not presenting any "needs an update" info that their management system can grab either.

Where are the notifications in the WP editing screens and/or emails?
Thank you!


Cobalt Apps Developer
Dynamik never sent out email notifications for updates, but did used to show a banner at the top of every Dashboard page when an update was available. Now it just shows on the Themes page and in the "Updates" page. So it should show a red number indicator in the top menu bar in your WP Dashboard indicating that there are updates available in the "Updates" page.

Regarding iControlWP I'm not sure how that managers updates. We use Easy Digital Downloads for our tools so it's really their auto-update script that is at play, and if theirs does not show up in the iControlWP tool then that would be an EDD thing.
Thanks, Eric, for your timely responses. I guess that's what I'm trying to point out. For the last few months, there are no banners and no red circles with numbers for Dynamik updates. On all my site installations, I have to click Appearance > Themes> and then on the display of theme rectangles, THERE it shows that it needs an update. Would sure be handy to have it show in the dashboard/red circles so that I'd know it needs an update if I'm just in a site doing other things.

Also, I have the license key in all of these installations. Should that enable auto-updates of the Dynamik theme?


Cobalt Apps Developer
Yes, an active license key should enable auto-update for DWB on a site, and it should show that red circle at the top of your Dashboard when one is available, so I'm not sure why that's not happening for you, but I'll double check on our end as well to make sure this is not an issue that goes beyond your particular setup.