Do not display when a conditional is selected


I love the GP Extender. Makes life a lot easier.

I use the Labels, Conditionals and Hook Boxes to show a box at the top of all pages on a website.

However, I'd like to add a Label to all pages which, if checked on a specific page, it causes the box to not display on that page. It's almost like a reverse conditional.

Is that possible?
Here's the solution...

Go to GP Extender > Extender Custom

Click on the Labels tab

In the Name field for a label, add your name. I used "No top box"

Check the box that reads, "Automatically create a Custom Conditional for this Label"

Click the Save changes button

Click on the Conditionals tab

You'll notice that GP Extender has created a Conditional from the label (with the name, has_label_no_top_box)

In my case, the Tag for the conditional is gp_extender_has_label('no-top-box')

Now add an exclamation mark in front of that tag, so it looks like this: !gp_extender_has_label('no-top-box')

Click on the Hook Boxes tab (I've created a hook box and added a sliver of shortcode to display something in a specific location)

Click on the Select Conditionals dropdown

Check has_label_no_top_box

Click Save Changes

Nagivate to a page (or post) where you don't want the box to display.

Down the page somewhere you'll find a box with the heading GP Extender Labels

Check the No top box label and Update the page.

The box should now be gone only on that page.


That was me and I deleted the comment as soon as I realized that I misread something in your original description and posted code for Dynamik labels...
I´m glad to hear you were still able to edit in a way that was useful for what you needed. Thanks for taking the time to post the solution! :)