Custom Widget Spacing Issue

Hey guys,

So I wasn't able to find much on this particular topic after looking through the forums for a bit. So, if anyone has any info, I'd really appreciate it!

Here's the situation: I followed the Cobalt Apps tutorial on creating custom widgets to use on specific pages. So, now I want to create a page that has a bunch of widgets acting as sort of information plots. The reason I need so many is because my site uses responsive code that will auto adjust the site to fit on smaller screens. So, if I just use 3 widgets to create 3 columns, that means all the info will read from the first column then to the second then to the third. My information is meant to be read from left to right going down, so it would muddy things up pretty badly. My issue right now is that when I use more than 3 widgets, the second row of widgets gets offset by about 20-30 pixels to the left. This causes a chain reaction and all the rows after the first row only have 2 widgets instead of 3 each. I checked all the settings and everything looks fine, so I'm guessing it has something to do with spacing somewhere else in the settings. Problem is, after fiddling around, I can't find out what's causing it to save my life...

Has anyone else encountered this issue and, if you have, could you please grace me with your wisdom on the matter?

Many thanks!

I'll attach a screenshot of what I'm referring to.