CRM and Web Development


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I was curious who uses a CRM for customer management, and what your preferred application is. I've tried a couple and have found SuiteCRM to be my favourite. It's open source - my favourite phrase next to all you can eat :)

At first I figured a CRM was just too bulky and that a Quick Books tracking was plenty, but forcing myself to sit down and get used to using the CRM proved a wise choice. Getting past the bulky awkwardness I thought existed it actually falls into a flow. But what it means is I'm scalable now as far as admin goes. As my client list grows and when I end up adding contractors and staff it's useful to already have this mechanism in place to keep up with growth.

I'd appreciate hearing other insights and experiences.


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I use Capsule CRM - free for a limited number of contacts, but I pay £8/month for unlimited contacts. It is useful to keep a list of tasks that need doing (work, follow up sales, invoicing etc) and also to keep a record of correspondence. It also links to our accounts package (Kashflow) which is handy.