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Create Stand Alone Child-Themes?

So with Themer Pro, can I create a stand-alone child theme for Genesis that does not require Themer Pro when I'm done? That wasn't clear in your description or video.


Cobalt Apps Developer
Yes, Child Themes created for Genesis using the Themer Pro are completely stand-alone and do not require the Themer Pro Plugin.

Also, what features are you referring to that appear to be in Themer Pro, but not in Instant IDE?
Look at the source code to "functions.php" and next to a number of lines is a little "arrow" that allows you to fold up comments, functions, and various other blocks of code. This is disabled in Instant IDE.


Cobalt Apps Developer
The Ace Editor is the Themer Pro code editor, but in Instant IDE Ace is an optional editor, but not the default. Monaco Editor is the default, which of course has different features. So just switch to the Ace Editor in the Settings pop-up in Instant IDE and see if that doesn't provide the features you're finding in Themer Pro.
AHA!! Okay, so the help for the Monaco editor has a lot of stuff listed that doesn't work, you should go through each item.

Feel so much better now that I'm using the Ace Editor.... Thanks!!!