Child theme question(s)

Hi !

I finally got myself Genesis frameword + DWB, but here I am pretty new at all this : this is the first time I am building a website.
And I need help for the beginning steps. Please forgive my lack of slang knowledge (plus, my first language is French).

My question is once I have set up Genesis Framework in WP + uploaded DWB as a child theme and activated the license in "apppearance", how can I save everything before making any steps so when I make some changes or misuse CSS (because I am learning), I can reinstall everything form scratch ?

Actually, I remember seeing a sentence mentioning the child theme has been uploaded or something like that, as well as the parent theme, but where can I find this again ?

Thanks for helping a newbie.



I´ll copy my answer from the FB Genesis group here in case anyone comes across this question later:

The dashboard of Dynamik was made specifically for you to do your work there. Genesis won't be touched and both can be updated without harming anything you did. Use the DWB dashboard, don't edit any theme files. There is also a reset function in DWB. Read the docs about how skins work and you wont ever need it though.

There is no need to reinstall anything later. Start with creating a new skin. By deleting that skin, you can return to the default DWB any time. Or just create a new, different skin later.

On the Docs pages, just type "skins" or "reset" to find related articles: