Child Theme Breaking My Whole Site Please Help


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I updated to Dynamik Gen 2.3.4 and now my whole site is broken. Please see screenshot -
Website url -
No graphics are showing, the headers are gone, etc. I had someone take a look at it and he couldn't fix it either.

This is what he said:

Files are not loading properly and many jquery / js function conflicts.

I followed their docs too to change file permissions for file loading issue

but still it doesn't work

I also installed it at my local computer webhost to check, and it causes issues with backend and on frontend, the same not loading issues, so i believe this theme package is broken.
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Hey Sean, I'm sorry to hear that happened. That's never fun. :(

First, just know that if you have an urgent Cobalt Apps product issue like this you need to email our support team through your "My Account" page instead of relying on a forum post as this is simply a community forum and not a support forum. Having said that, I see that your site is back up. Did you fix the issue or revert back to prior to the update?

This is the first I've seen this report with Dynamik and this version has been out for almost two months so I know hundreds, if not thousands of updates have taken place, so I doubt it's a theme issue, though it's possible that the file you downloaded somehow got corrupted or something like that. So I'm not sure where these issues are coming from, but I'd need actual error messages or a link to a site that is currently broken to further troubleshoot.


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@Sean64 - it reminds me of a caching/page builder/ssl issue. The screenshot looks like non https content was being blocked so stylesheets weren't loading. I use Beaver Builder instead of Thrive but have experienced similar issues following an update where sites load all wonky like that. Clearing the cache fixes it but I've had to set shorter cache retention times and force https in my htaccess file to better deal with it.
In my case the sites went wonky within a couple hours of an update, not immediately.

Here's what I placed in the .htaccess

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}/%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]