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2 space code indentation


I notice that Themer Pro adds tabbed indentation to code.

I've recently made the move towards 2 space code indentation when working with others on projects.
2 spaces also seems to be the new standard and is the default on GitHub, CodePen and most code editors etc.

For a few projects recently I have run my code through a code editor to 'Beautify' it and get it all down to 2 spaces, and then copied it back in to Themer Pro.

I guess this is a request for code indentation options!

Ever given this a thought? ;-)



(P.S. - Beautifying options would also be awesome... And all for Instant IDE and Extender Pro as well!)


Cobalt Apps Developer
Oh the spaces vs. tabs debate lives on. :D I'll consider adding more editor options in the future with this as one potential feature.