1. Jim Meijer

    Freelancer theme PHP code

    Hi Erik, I have your tools for genesis and for freelancer. I am not a php programmer. so I work with themes for genesis and the skins of your website. from everything test and experiments in terms of site speed and seo, double css etc. the freelancer is the best framework to use! far away the...
  2. Brett Redvers

    Additional custom stylesheet - good or bad idea?

    Heya! Wondering if you have any advice here. With Frameworks such as Freelancer (and Genesis) there is a large style.css file in the child theme. I always add my custom CSS all neat and tidy at the end, but the file soon becomes pretty huge and hard to navigate. I was just wondering if it...
  3. P

    Freelancer PHP Builder

    I am trying to use the Freelancer PHP Builder and there appears to be some missing selectors and buttons and I cannot work out why. I am missing the controls for hooks and layouts and actions. I have attached two images. The first one is Dynamic PHP Builder and the second is Freelancer PHP...