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  1. aski

    EZ home meta description

    Please ignore this. Can't remove it.
  2. aski

    Mobile responsive display widget

    Hi, Would it somehow be possible to display some text on top (below header) when viewed on large screen and displayed below (before footer) when viewed on mobile? I tried to use EZ Feature Top but couldn't find a way. I could use display: none; to hide the text when viewed on mobile, but would...
  3. aski

    Search and replace hook boxes

    How can I do an easy search and replace in hookboxes? I want to replace my image urls from http to https I checked a search and replace plugin but with that I can't select the dynamik hook box content.
  4. aski

    Images broken after SSL

    Hi, I want to change to HTTPS. So I enabled SSL on a wordpress multisite. I also enabled: Enable Protocol Relative URLs in Dynamik Settings. The mainsite is working with images and all on https but the subsites which are also on Dynamik have some issues with images not loading and when I look...
  5. aski

    Share42 and best way to use with Dynamik

    Hi, I'm using Addthis but don't want the tracking cookies anymore (GDPR). So I'm looking into Share42. Share42 uses locally-hosted JavaScript to avoid repeating the title and URL on every button, and a single image sprite generated from the set of buttons that you choose...
  6. aski

    New forum

    Hi, Nice. Good to be here (too).