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  1. Dave Navarro

    Genesis DevKit Bug

    I use a product on my Windows 10 laptop called DektopServer from ServerPress. I am running the latest version (v3.9.1) and when I try to active Genesis DevKit on a web site running on DesktopServer, I am unable to access the admin side of my site. Works fine with Themer Pro and all of my other...
  2. Dave Navarro

    Genesis DevKit Suggestions

    The "Widgets" editor should detect if the Footer or After Entry widget areas have been disabled and not show those options if they are. In Dynamik Web Builder, after most fonts, you have a "#Custom" button that allows for direct CSS customization. It would be nice to have that in all of your...
  3. Dave Navarro

    Genesis Devkit - Mobile Menu

    How do I remove the text "Menu" from the mobile menu when using the Genesis Devkit and the Genesis Sample Theme?
  4. Dave Navarro

    License Management

    I would really be nice if I didn't have to enter the Cobalt License into every product on every site... Especially since I have an All Access license. Any chance of adding "Settings->Cobalt Apps" where I can enter the license once and then pick which plugins to download and install?
  5. Dave Navarro

    Custom Templates

    I have been putting my custom templates in the "my-templates" folder, but every time I upgrade Dynamic, they get erased. Where can I put them that they won't get erased?
  6. Dave Navarro

    General Suggestion

    These days I don't work with very many "fixed" widths and heights. It would be nice if Dynamik, Themer Pro and Genesis DevKit supported percentages. For example, if I put "100%" in a place for a width, it comes out as "100%px" which some browsers actually interpret as 100%... but if you could...
  7. Dave Navarro

    Genesis Devkit

    Okay, so I installed the Devkit and cloned the Sample Theme. Thank you so much! I had been using Themer Pro with Genesis and had issues... the Genesis Devkit addresses most of those issues. One issue I ran into is that there is a 70-pixel margin for the content area to take the fixed header...
  8. Dave Navarro

    Create Stand Alone Child-Themes?

    So with Themer Pro, can I create a stand-alone child theme for Genesis that does not require Themer Pro when I'm done? That wasn't clear in your description or video.
  9. Dave Navarro

    Instant IDE - Suggestions

    * File -> Reload All Open Files * File -> Save All Open Files * File -> Close All Open Files (and save state) * File -> Open Saved Files Really would like to edit the editor theme or create my own Would like to close the preview area to the right.
  10. Dave Navarro

    Sticky Header

    Maybe this was on the old forum, but I'm looking for code to create a sticky header similar to this: I know how to make the header itself sticky, but it's the scrolling effect I'm looking for. I think it might be done with JavaScript...?
  11. Dave Navarro

    Instant IDE

    So I've been using Instant IDE for a few days now and it's great. My only real complaint is that it doesn't remember anything when it closes or times out. I left work Sunday and when I came back this morning (Tuesday) I had to re-login and it didn't remember what files I had open or where I...