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    My Work

    I am working on my website. I started using Dynamics more and more. It is a bit of a learning curve but I like it. For now I am doing simple and minimalistic design. Thank you
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    Feature Top EZ-Widget Areas (How to put Image)

    Hello Community, How to put a Hero image into Feature Top EZ-Widget Areas? I tried to put it and looks like it is cutting out the picture height and not displaying picture in full height somehow. Thank you
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    Is it possible to create a sticky Nav bar?

    Hello Community, Is it possible to create a sticky Nav Bar? I mean the main Nav Bar. I saw in DWB you could make a Header section to be sticky. Thank you
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    How in a navbar create awesome font icons?

    Hello Community, Is there a tutorial how to create awesome fonts in a navbar next to pages like home, about us, services and so on. I know how to do it in CSS but pages are dynamic and probably involves PHP coding. Please see example. Thank you
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    How to make a navbar responsive (hamburger type)

    Hello Community, I was wondering how to create a responsive navbar using different media queries- a hamburger type? As an example I included some files. Thank you