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    AMP focus

    At this point in time we're not actively working on anything that involves AMP, but could certainly change at some point in the future.
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    How to Implement a Sticky Post on my Blog Page?

    Yes, you can do this with the Custom Widget Areas and Conditionals in DWB -> Custom. Then you could just add a specific blog post using the Genesis Featured Posts Widget. The part I'm confused about is where you say that you'd then need to delete the post? Can you clarify that for me?
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    I hear you and agree. I think as more and more traffic goes the way of Facebook groups and what not it's harder these days to centralize a community like we could half a decade ago, but at the same time this particular forum could definitely use more love. I will keep this in mind for sure...
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    Hidden Treasure — DWB's Shortcode Functionality

    I just created this screencast. Hope that helps. Happy New Year! :)
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    Happy New Year— DWB Retrospective

    Thanks, my friend. That means a lot to hear and I'm happy to know that Dynamik has served you so well for so many years. :)
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    Instant IDE - Suggestions

    Hey @Dave Navarro I just added this to test it out and you can see by the screenshot that it may or may not help. I chose to put "Instant IDE" before the URL instead of after because otherwise it simply won't show up in the tab and you will only see the URL. I would prefer that the tabs be...
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    Purchased 2013 (lifetime) confusion - solved - thanks

    When we grandfathered in members several years ago our ecommerce software (Easy Digital Downloads) did not have an actual "Lifetime" license option so the best we could do is make them 20 year licenses. But of course that's essentially a lifetime license, at least in software years. Either way...
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    Genesis DevKit and custom fonts

    Hey Keith, Glad to hear you're enjoying this DEV combo so much! :) Regarding your question, yes, I totally see the benefit there. I'll consider adding it at some point, but I can't promise a date or anything like that at this point.
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    Retina logo

    Sorry for the belated reply @mattg Regarding your question, I tested this both with the Chrome Developer Tools as well as directly on a Retina Display on a MacBook Pro, and both displayed properly. What you described seems about right regarding how to properly do it so I'm not sure why it's...
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    Retina logo

    I just re-tested this on my end and it works fine for me. I've created two custom logo images, named one my-logo.png and the retina version is named my-logo@2x.png. The non-retina version was 300px by 100px while the retina version was 600px by 200px. I then assigned each version to their...
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    Fowl language?

    Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up! :)
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    Issue with Genesis DevKit adding escape char in devkit-combined.min-css

    I just pushed out a Genesis DevKit update to fix this issue.
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    Issue with Genesis DevKit adding escape char in devkit-combined.min-css

    OK, I see what you're saying. That appears to be a bug. I'll look further into this and push out an update soon if that turns out to be the case.