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    Problem with Search Form

    Siga, Thanks for responding. While the suggestion did not solve the problem with the search, you did point me in the correct direction for support. I have used this forum in the past and had good response. I apologize for the out burst. For what ever reason, I was unaware of the support chain...
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    Problem with Search Form

    I got around it by blanking out the search button. I think this issue really needs to be looked into. On a not so happy note, IS ANYONE OUT THERE? I don't seem to be able to get ANY response to my questions. WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS FORUM????????
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    Is it possible to create a sticky Nav bar?

    The plug-in "Sticky Menu (or Anything) on Scroll" works nicely also.
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    Problem with Search Form

    There seems to be a problem with the Search Form. When you enter a search word and then press the Search button, the search button jumps down to the next line. If you put the cursor back at the end of your search word, the button moves back up. This happens on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I have...
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    Css class: .dynamik-content-filler-img

    Click the question mark next to the content filler image option at the bottom of the Content option page and it explains it to you. It's always a good idea to check out what explanation has been written for each option if there is a question mark next to it. Hope that helps.
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    Never Mind! Middle Age Brain not Working! :(

    found my problem. Brain is missing. Sorry for the bother.
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    Help to split menu

    I would like to have my menu items split between the left and right side and have the logo in the center between them. I have tried various things but have not been able to do it. The site with the header like I am trying to achieve is My current site is
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    Using plugin Megamenu to split menu items

    Please disregard this thread. I don't know how to delete it. Sorry.
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    Using plugin Megamenu to split menu items

    Hi all, I am using the plugin Megamenu to try to split the menu items to each side. I have gotten that done, with a few things to still work out, but my problem is it was also showing the mobile menu. When I use display: none, it goes away but the mobile menu itself is messed up. The...
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    Sticky Header

    the plugin Sticky Menu works.
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    Front End CSS builder not working properly

    Yup, you are correct. It is something with my Chrome browser settings. Many thanks and sorry for the wild goose chase. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday and a happy and healthy 2018!!
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    Front End CSS builder not working properly

    Sorry about that Eric. It must not have gone thru. My browser zoom is at 100%. Tried lower, no change.
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    Front End CSS builder not working properly

    Recently the Front End CSS builder pop out has not been working properly. The pop out comes out but when I click the paint brush to get to the input portion, the elements selector is not showing. Have tries all the usual fixes, ie deactivating plugins, but this is very recent. Anyone else having...