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    Responsive Custom Code not registering

    Hi Will, Did you resolve this? I'm having the same difficulty at the moment. Clashing plugin maybe?
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    Retina logo

    I've noticed this too. But I hadn't identified that problem with the retina logo before now. But come to think of it, I think it only happens on retina screens—thanks @mattg! I get a horizontally-stretched brandmark as though it maintains the correct height of the brandmark, but doubles its...
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    Changing Dynamik Custom Conditionals from Single to Singular

    Just noting that I have the same problem. Single() doesn't work. Singular() does. Glad I checked here when I did. Thanks Chris @reidable
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    Feature Top EZ -Widget Area

    Hi Karen, Copy and paste the CSS below into your stylesheet: #ez-feature-top-1 img { width: 100%; } All the best!
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    Request for SVG support

    Thanks Eric! No problems. Just thought I'd flag it as a handy thing to support.
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    Request for SVG support

    I think it would be awesome if Dynamik accepted SVGs (if only for header images given that they're usually light and scalable logos). I appreciate the security concerns, but SVGs can be mostly sanitised and they do render a vastly superior image. I would never use an SVG I found on the internet...