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    Child Theme Breaking My Whole Site Please Help

    @Sean64 - it reminds me of a caching/page builder/ssl issue. The screenshot looks like non https content was being blocked so stylesheets weren't loading. I use Beaver Builder instead of Thrive but have experienced similar issues following an update where sites load all wonky like that...
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    White space above and below header

    Hi @John Burton - the site-container has a margin top of 20px somewhere in the dynamic css. Looking for the cause of what's below the header next. I just noticed Siga has you covered. :)
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    Showcase: website built on Genesis Dynamik

    Ahhh - I see - thankes :) - as an aside I'm Canadian and like my "u" in colour among others
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    Showcase: website built on Genesis Dynamik

    Nice work. Looks like you had lots of little details to deal with on this. It flows nice and I like the soft colours - doesn't overpower. Good use of the mega menu, too. One thought I had - isn't it spelled anti-aging without the "e"?
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    Dynamik Website Builder on Client Sites

    I'm curious if others develop websites for clients using Dynamik as the theme itself, which is left installed on the client site when it goes live? My workflow runs off a single installation of Dynamik on a production server from which I develop client themes that I export and install on their...
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    CRM and Web Development

    I was curious who uses a CRM for customer management, and what your preferred application is. I've tried a couple and have found SuiteCRM to be my favourite. It's open source - my favourite phrase next to all you can eat :-) At first I figured a CRM was just too bulky...
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    CSS Builder in Genesis Dynamik: Background Images

    It does seem a logical place to have that ... I can't remember if it was there in Dynamik before. @eric was this background in the CSS Builder in Dynamik and removed for a reason? Or was it never a part of it?
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    CSS Builder in Genesis Dynamik: Background Images

    Hi, Fiona, I don't see an option in the CSS Builder either, but under Dynamik Design in the menu when you upload an image under Images then it is available under Body > Body Background
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    HTML unordered list not working in archive intro

    Hi, Fiona, You have zero padding on your ul element. A 15px padding-left reveals the bullets.
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    Dynamic Website Builder - Dynamic-Gen Footer issue

    Hi, Renew Energy, There's a minus top margin rule in your stylesheet though I can't tell where exactly it comes from because it's part of the cached, minified style rules: .site-footer-widgets .get-quote .gform_footer { margin-top: -47px !important; /* here's the culprit*/ position...
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    Congratulations, Eric, on all the new initiatives. Looks like you're really getting a hold on your business, doing inventory and organizing progress. That's always the hard part for a creative mind - kudos! :) This forum looks smooth - easy on the eyes. I'm impressed with all the site...