Cobalt All Access Lifetime Is Now Available

Back in May of this year we launched Cobalt All Access, a bundle that includes ALL of our products, current AND future, as well as a single unlimited license that can activate everything we offer. At the time we offered it as a Lifetime license, but only for a limited time, and then we switched it over to a yearly subscription at a reduced price.

Since then we’ve had frequent requests for this Lifetime All Access option to be made permanent, so we’ve decided to do just that. Though it’s important as a company to have consistent, recurring revenue, we believe that at the right price we can provide our members with a one-time purchase option that not only offers them a great value and the ease of not having to deal with subscriptions and renewals, etc…, but also provide Cobalt Apps with a solid revenue return to remain a healthy and growing company.

So for those interested in going All Access Lifetime you can now do so HERE. (SALE NOTICE! From now until Christmas day we will be offering All Access Lifetime at $200 off the regular future price!) And just to clarify what exactly this offers and why someone might want to make this kind of investment, here are some things to consider:

    • With Cobalt All Access Lifetime you will be making a one-time investment and receive not only ALL of the products we currently offer, including unlimited activations for each, but ALL of the products we release in the future as well! You can check out our 2018 Cobalt Apps Development Roadmap to see what the coming year should bring.
    • You will also receive a single All Access Lifetime license that will activate ALL of our products, present and future! This means no more keeping up with a half-dozen or so license keys, but simply using one single key from now on.
    • You will no longer need to deal with yearly Cobalt Apps subscriptions or license renewals. You simply purchase one time, and then you’re done!
    • You can upgrade from a current Cobalt Apps product through your “My Account” page and receive an upgrade discount based on the current price of that product.
    • And like any Cobalt Apps purchase, you will be supporting our continued efforts to provide top-quality WordPress software for freelancers, webpreneurs, Internet Marketers, and anyone looking to up their game as a WordPress developer.

Cobalt Apps All Access Lifetime certainly is not for everyone. If you only use one or two of our tools and don’t intend on changing that at any given point in time then it may not be something worth considering. But if you use several of our tools and/or intend on taking advantage of our growing lineup of WordPress software, then it may be a beneficial move to make. But whichever way you decide to utilize our tools and resources we hope you find the best fit and greatest value for your online efforts.

I’m looking forward to a busy and successful 2018 and hope we can be a part of making yours the same! 🙂

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