All New Pricing And Bundles At Cobalt Apps!

With the release of our latest WP Dev tool, Genesis DevKit, I’m happy to announce that we’ve made some notable price changes to account for our all new product bundles as well as to make our tools even more packed with value! You’ll notice that most of our latest Plugin offerings have been reduced to $49/yr and our All Access bundles have dropped a bit as well. In addition to these price changes you’ll now find two new product bundles, Cobalt Power Pack and Cobalt Coder Pack! These bundles offer an excellent set of WP DEV tools at a really solid price to provide the perfect Plugins for Freelance Developers of all skill levels!

Cobalt Power Pack is a bundle that includes both Genesis DevKit and Freelancer DevKit, as well as our Extender Pro Plugin. This bundle is geared more for the non-coders and simply those who prefer point-n-click design over spending all their time in a code editor. It’s by no means a “beginner bundle”, but instead meets the needs of that large group of WordPress Freelance Developers who prefer customizing with “toggles and switches” instead of 1’s and 0’s. 🙂 And when custom coding control is required, the tools found in this bundle provide more than enough pro-level coding capability to meet such needs.

Cobalt Coder Pack is a bundle that includes our foundational IDE Plugin, Instant IDE, as well as the more theme-specific coding tool, Themer Pro, and of course the theme-independent Extender Pro Plugin. This bundle is obviously geared more for those who appreciate the power and control found in the code editor, but still prefer keeping their efforts stationed in their web browser. Whether you need full access to your WordPress files and folders, want to dig deep in customizing and managing your framework and child theme, or just need to add some custom code, content, and templates to your latest product, the Coder Pack is hard to beat!

And just like our All Access bundle you get a single license to activate each Plugin included as well as a single renewal to cover the lot! And of course if you already own any of the included Plugins you can upgrade to these bundles and enjoy a discount from the product you’re upgrading from (upgrades can be made through your “My Account” page).

So not only are we pushing out more and better products and bundles to meet your every WP Freelance DEV need, we’re reducing many of our prices to provide one of the best values in professional-grade Plugins for serious WordPress web development!

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