Introducing The Genesis Essentials Plugin

ca-genesis-essentials-logoIn the same way that our Genesis Extender Plugin is a kind of pared down version of our Dynamik Website Builder Theme, Genesis Essentials embodies the most basic and critical elements of Extender. I removed the more complex Custom Options (.i.e.. Custom Templates, Labels, Conditionals, Widget Areas and Hook Boxes) and made the Front-end CSS Builder an “editor only” version.

This is not to say that Genesis Essentials is lacking in any way, just further refined down to those critically important features that Genesis Child Theme users most utilize.

Some of the most notable features found in Genesis Essentials are:

  • Full custom widgetized static homepage control.
  • The ability to add any Google font you like to your Genesis powered website.
  • Front-end Custom CSS controls that provide real-time feedback as you tweak your Child Theme’s design.
  • Enable Font Awesome Icon support with the click of your mouse.
  • Easily and safely add your Custom CSS, PHP and JS code through your Genesis Essentials admin.
  • CSS and PHP code building tools.
  • Full Import/Export controls for backup and transfer of your Genesis Essentials settings.
  • And several other useful features.

If you already own Genesis Extender than you may not find a need to have a kind of “lite” version in your Genesis toolbox, but then again it may be nice for those more basic projects. Having said that, in my beta testing of Essentials I found it to be a quite powerful design tool, giving you just those core features and nothing else.

And if you’re trying to decide between our Extender Plugin and Genesis Essentials the main difference, as mentioned above, are those more advanced Custom Options found in Genesis Extender. For some, those are a must have as they provide you with amazing flexibility and control over the content placement of your website. Yet for others those are options that generally collect dust, with the Front-end CSS Editor, EZ Static Homepage and a few other notable Extender features taking the top spot in their go-to tools. In such cases Essentials may be a match made in heaven.

To see Genesis Essentials in action be sure to check out the following screencast demo as I walk through some of its core features:

Learn more about the Genesis Essentials Plugin or Get Essentials Now.

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