Creating Custom Widgetized Page Templates Using Dynamik Website Builder – Thoughts From The Developer

In the screencasts below you will find a detailed walk-through by me, the developer of Dynamik Website Builder, on various ways to create Custom Widgetized Pages using Page Templates as well as other solutions found in Dynamik. Note that this is also relevant to our Genesis Extender Plugin since the features and options used to create these custom widgetized pages are shared by Extender as well.

In this two-part tutorial I cover a lot of details so try not to get too overwhelmed. I tried my best to keep the most clear, focused and simple solution at the beginning so you could focus on that first and get some good results quickly. So if you even just focus on that for now you should learn a lot, but after you have that under your belt you can watch the rest to learn some more useful tricks with Dynamik (and as I said, Extender as well).

Regarding the Genesis Column Classes used in these screencasts, you’ll find them referenced on this Cobalt Apps GitHub page.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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