Clarifying The Recent Changes To Our Pricing Structure

These are always exciting posts, right? You know, logistics and what not. Woo Hoo!! 😀 But sometimes it’s necessary to help everyone accurately understand changes that have occurred or just to make sure I’m being clear in my previous explanations. So bear with me as I answer some common question that have come up since our recent pricing changes and structure have been implemented.

Cobalt Apps New Pricing Structure FAQ’s

Q: I renewed my license early and see that my license will auto-renew a year from that renewal date, even though I know my license should not expire for several months. Did I just shorten my license period by renewing early?

A: No, your license period will not be shortened by renewing early. If you have 3 months left on your license, for example, and renew it 3 month early, then your license will now have 1 year and 3 months left until it expires. However, since we now have a subscription based pricing system in place, that auto-renews yearly (unless canceled, of course), then the license will simply auto-renew a year after the early renewal, not at the time the license is set to expire. So in this example your license would auto-renew 3 months before the license expires, each year until canceled. (Note: We use Easy Digital Downloads for our ecommerce solution so these specifics are based on the way they’ve setup their solution.)

Q: I want to renew before your remove the 40% renewal discount so I can lock into that deal. If I do so, does that discount just take effect that first year, or year after year until I cancel my subscription?

A: The latter. If you renew before we remove the 40% renewal discount (which will be on October 13th) then that license will be locked into a yearly renewal discount of 40% until you cancel your subscription.

Q: I want to upgrade my Cobalt Apps product to All Access (or in some cases from Child Themer to Themer Pro), but can’t figure out how to do so?

A: To upgrade your Cobalt Apps product you simply need to login to your “My Account” page on and then click the “View License” link at the top-right, and then click the “View Upgrades” link next to the product in question. That should take you to a page where you can upgrade your product.

Q: I have a license that was extended to multiple years or is set to “lifetime” based on a past promotion, do these pricing changes affect these extended licenses?

A: Only if you upgrade them to All Access. In other words, if you wanted All Access, and wanted to take advantage of the upgrade discount by upgrading from one of those extended licensed products, then you would get the upgrade discount, but you would also convert that extended license into a yearly All Access license. So if you want to keep that extended license you should just do nothing to it. And if you still want to purchase All Access before October 13th so you can lock into the 40% yearly renewal discount, then you’d just need to purchase that All Access license as a regular purchase (not an upgrade), or upgrade to All Access from a different product that doesn’t have that extended license you’re concerned about.

Q: When exactly are you going to remove the 40% renewal discount?

A: October 13th, 2017.

Q: I’m still not totally clear about how these different tools work or which one would best suit my needs, or if any of them work well together, etc..?

A: I just created a screencast for each product, answering these kinds of questions and explaining how they work, so be sure to go to the various product pages and scroll to the bottom to check those out.

Those were to the main FAQ’s, but if you still need clarification don’t hesitate to post in the comments, making sure to read through them in case I’ve already answered that question there. As always, I appreciate all the constructive feedback regarding the changes I’ve made in the past few weeks and look forward to get everyone caught up and clarified. 🙂

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