Massive Changes On The Way With The WordPress 5.9 Release 5 Days Away!

Are You Ready For Full Site Editing?

The idea of Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress is as old as the Gutenberg/Block Editor itself. But this concept is about to become a reality in WordPress 5.9 which is set to release to the general public in less than a week from now. Are you ready? Excited? Overwhelmed? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts!

The struggle is real for many WP DEVS, designers, and marketers out there who are reluctant to even look into things like Block Themes and Full Site Editing as much of their workflow was perfected around ideas and concepts from a generation ago. Many are just now wrapping their brains around child themes and action hooks and now many of these WordPress staples are either being transformed or phased out completely. Now we’re expected to understand Block Patterns and ditch our favorite page builder or design Plugin for Gutenberg, which has seemingly spread throughout the WP workflow either like a virus or a breath of fresh air. So which is it?

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