How To Add Footer Widgets To The Freelancer Framework

There are various ways to go about doing this, including using a Page Builder Plugin or using a DEV Tool like our Extender Pro Plugin, but in this tutorial I’m going with the basic custom coding approach so you can see how this all works at the foundation code level. And in this particular tutorial I’ll be creating 3 horizontal Widget Areas, but you can easily tweak the code provided to alter this configuration (i.e.. adding or removing Widget Areas).¬†Also note that in my prep work for this tutorial I used our Freelancer DevKit Plugin to implement this code, but you can do so however you prefer. Read more “How To Add Footer Widgets To The Freelancer Framework”

Introducing Freelancer: The Framework For The Freelancer WordPress Developer

I’m writing this candid blog post after many months of intense, focused framework development, and I must say that I couldn’t be more excited! This particular project is quite near and dear to my passionate pursuit for that perfect dev tool to present to WP freelancers everywhere. Everything about it, from the code that forms its foundation to the system that distributes it all, has been purposefully presented to ideally meet the needs of its intended audience. You could say for sure that Freelancer is not meant for everyone, but that’s absolutely a good thing! There are plenty of theme solutions out there that are a good fit for the masses, but Freelancer strives to live up to its name and suit itself solely for those making a living (or looking to start doing so) through WordPress freelance development. Read more “Introducing Freelancer: The Framework For The Freelancer WordPress Developer”