Genesis Extender 1.4.1 is mostly refinements as well as a few bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

What Changed?

Genesis Extender 1.4.1

  • Added Genesis Extender software licensing functionality.
  • Added option to enable/disable the syntax highlighting feature found in Custom CSS/Functions/JS.
  • Added option to enable/disable Protocol Relative URLs.
  • Added “Create Widget Area Shortcode” and “Create Hook Box Shortcode” buttons to the PHP Builder.
  • Added esc_html() to Custom Widget Area descriptions to prevent “broken” code.
  • Adjusted the Image uploader to allow for .jpeg images (in addition to the .jpg images that were already allowed).
  • Set some of the Custom Label and Conditional option text input fields to percentage widths to provide a bit more “breathing room” for them.