Dynamik 1.9.7 has a few new features, refinements as well as a few bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

What Changed?

Dynamik 1.9.7

  • Added “Content Filler Image” options to give more control over this feature that helps resolve certain Responsive Design styling issues (read more about this HERE).
  • Added a Select-All/Deselect-All feature to Dynamik Settings > Import/Export area.
  • Updated the default design a bit.
  • Updated the screenshot.png image.
  • Updated Font Awesome version number to 4.6.3.
  • Removed whitespace after Custom Template name’s closing PHP tags, which can potentially cause a “Headers already sent…” error message on pages with such templates assigned to them.
  • Fixed bug where certain Dynamik Design Resets resulted in a PHP error output.