Dynamik 1.9.1 includes a few refinements and bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

What Changed?

Dynamik 1.9.1

  • Added an ID to the viewport meta code to make it easier to dynamically adjust the viewport with javascript.
  • Added the .comment-edit-link class to the .comment-meta styles in the Dynamik stylesheet to accommodate the new WP 4.3 Comments “Edit” link.
  • Added the .entry-pagination class to .entry-content font styles so it inherits those styles.
  • Added comment to the Skin’s {JS} file regarding the need to uncomment the two lines in the {PHP} file to make the JS file work.
  • Refined the “Protected Folders” feature bÏy setting the Dynamik Folder Protection function to execute whenever the Appearance > Themes or WP Updates pages are loaded to help ensure that the latest version of protected folders are backed up before auto-updating Dynamik.
  • Refined the styling for the Delete/Select Images Buttons in the Image Uploader admin UI.
  • Fixed bug where {PHP} and {JS} buttons were not properly reloading to the Skins page and saving changes.