Dynamik 1.5 is a fairly major update that adds noteworthy improvements over the user interface as well as new features, refinements as well as a few bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

Please Note: You may need to clear your browser’s cache a few times to allow the new admin style changes to fully take effect.

What Changed?

Dynamik 1.5

  • Made the Dynamik admin sections fully responsive to be more inline with the WordPress 3.8 responsive UI update. This allows for WP Dashboard use on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Added the Universal Design Control feature to the Dynamik Design Options admin page. This new way of tweaking your Design Options is not intended to replace the default way, but to add another tool to your tool belt, providing a sometimes more efficient way of organizing and adjusting these options.
  • Added a “Protected Folders” feature which allows you to prevent custom folders you’ve added to your Dynamik theme folder from being deleted by the auto-update process.
  • Added syntax highlighting and line numbering to the Dynamik Custom > Custom CSS, Functions and Javascript options.
  • Added a new “Add Google Fonts” feature to the Design Options which allows you to add/remove an unlimited number of Google Fonts to the font “Type” options found throughout the Dynamik Design Options admin page.
  • Updated the way Dynamik adds Google fonts. Now they are enqueued (linked to from the site ) instead of by way of @import at the beginning of the Dynamik stylesheet. This was done for greater efficiency.
  • Added a “Search” feature for the Custom Options making it much more efficient to sort through your Custom Templates, Hook Boxes, etc.. to find the one you’re looking for.
  • Made it so Custom Widget Areas and Hook Boxes can be named using non-slug-names so now capital letters and spaces are allowed.
  • Added a Custom Widget Area “Description” option so you can now add descriptions to your Custom Widget Areas.
  • Added a “Code Snippets” drop-down to the Custom PHP Builder that cleans up the interface a bit and leaves room for additional snippets in the future.
  • Replaced the home.php file in the root of the dynamik-gen theme folder with a front-page.php file. The functionality will be the same with regard to displaying the EZ Static Homepage Widget Areas, but will now be more inline with WordPress “good practices”.
  • Added the dynamik_content_filler() function to fix a content area width issue that occurs when “Delayed” content is enabled in the Responsive Design Options. Note that this issue only affected pages and posts that had content that didn’t fill the full width of the content area.
  • Added the “Normalize” styles to the beginning of the Dynamik stylesheet to provide a better cross-browser experience.
  • Updated the add_theme_support() HTML5 code to the latest Genesis standards.
  • Moved all of the [?]Tooltip content out of Dynamik and into knowledge base articles. So now when you click on the [?]Tooltips in the Dynamik admin page they will open a new tab in your browser to the appropriate knowledge base article. This will allow for more in-depth tooltip content and make it so we can update them without having to wait until the next update is pushed out.
  • Made it so the Custom Thumbnail Sizes are now present in the WP Media feature.
  • Made it so the Author and Comment avatar images are Retina ready.
  • Added a “Pad?” option to the “Content/Sidebar Media Query Styles:” section to give you control over whether or not Dynamik adds custom padding to the Content area as the browser/device gets smaller.
  • Fixed a Dynamik Design Snapshot option activation bug.
  • Fixed a bug where the Retina logo feature was not working properly in Firefox.
  • Fixed a bug where backslashes were getting stripped in Custom CSS when moving from front-end to back-end versions.
  • Fixed a Front-end CSS Builder highlight feature bug where initial highlighting doesn’t work when element labels are clicked.
  • Fixed bug where the “Remove Page Titles” feature was incorrectly removing BuddyPress post titles in certain configurations.
  • Fixed a “Check Now” button bug (triggers error with wp_debug() enabled).