Dynamik 1.3 is a major update that adds significant changes, new features and refinements as well as a few bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

What Changed?

Dynamik 1.3

  • Updated all defaults to reflect a new default design.
  • Added the “Define Dynamik Label Width body class” feature that allows you to assign different types of pages, posts, archive, etc.. a specific Dynamik Label Width, giving you the ability to “mass assign” types of pages and posts with particular widths.
  • Added “Define Dynamik Label Width body class” and PHP Comment Buttons to the PHP Builder.
  • Changed the way the Custom Functions file is called in, fixing the occasional issue where Custom Function code does not affect the admin section, even when “Affect Admin” is selected.
  • Added Header Widget Area text-align option.
  • Added .override class to the post-class for better universal styling control of the loop.
  • Added delayed versions of some of the Responsive Design options for greater control over how your content is displayed on mobile devices.
  • Made the @media query trigger points editable for greater control over how your content is displayed on mobile devices.
  • Made several refinements to the Mobile Menu options including sub-page indicators and “Hamburger Menu” icons for both Vertical and Dropdown menus.
  • Added “Column Class Compatible” option to Custom Widget Areas in the Dynamik Design Options to make the Custom Widget Areas to be more Genesis Column Class compatible by default.
  • Added Comment Reply Text Design Option styles.
  • Added link transition style options.
  • Added border options for Comment List styles.
  • Added border radius option with enable/disable checkbox and textarea to add/remove elements.
  • Added “None” sub-indicator option into Design Options so you can keep the fancy dropdown effect active while removing the actual sub-indicators.
  • Changed “em” option to “rem” font option and removed all but the universal PX/REM option to clean up the interface and simplify this font style adjustment.
  • Made it so the Responsive Design and HTML5 options found in Dynamik Settings will now be active by default.
  • Fixed bug where previewing Dynamik before the initial activation causes the styles to “break”, requiring a Dynamik Design Options reset.
  • Fixed bug where the post title link styles were not taking effect when the “Semantic HTML5 Headings” Genesis option was selected.
  • Fixed MailChimp Plugin/Front-end CSS Builder conflict.
  • Fixed bug where jQuery was not loading in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug affecting Genesis Term Meta content for Category and Tag pages, preventing changes to be saved.
  • Added esc_textarea() for Custom CSS/PHP/JS to prevent “breaking” textarea when certain code tags are used.
  • Fixed bug where the HTML5 search form placeholder text font was not taking on the color given to it by Dynamik.