Dynamik 1.3.1 is mostly refinements as well as a few bug fixes. As always, we strongly recommend all users update.

What Changed?

Dynamik 1.3.1

  • Changed the footer link from the old dynamiktheme.com URL to the updated cobaltapps.com URL.
  • Added the “Delayed” code/info to the “Header Media Query Styles” [?]Tooltip.
  • Reduced the width of the Custom Widget Area and Hook Box “Name” textfield to account for slightly different browser style renderings.
  • Changed the 4th and 5th @media query max-width defaults to 839.
  • Edited the Auto-Update warning message to more clearly explain what happens to the DWB core files when an auto-update occurs.
  • Added default styles in DWB to add the missing .entry-comments-link separator.
  • Fixed an iOS pinch-zooming bug.
  • Fixed bug where images with 10px width or height give an error with wp_debug when uploaded with the DWB Image Uploader.
  • Added a conditional to the Dynamik admin pages to restrict access and include a message regarding this restriction when Safari 7.0+ is being used to view such admin pages. This is because currently this latest version of Safari (implemented in OS X Mavericks) has trouble properly loading and interacting with the Dynamik  Design Options and Front-end CSS Builder and potentially other Dynamik admin pages. We’ve tested Safari 7.0 with other option-rich WP Theme admin pages and Plugins and found similar results that suggest more of a Safari issue than an Dynamik one. So for now we’re adding this conditional, but will wait and see if either Safari receives and update that resolves this issue or if a fix of some kind presents itself.