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The Ultimate WordPress </DEV> Environment

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" Instant IDE is a stand-alone web development tool that, on the one hand, sits completely outside the boundaries of WordPress for complete control over your code, while on the other hand is easily setup and managed by the included Instant IDE Manager Plugin. So you get the best of both worlds! A completely independent IDE that is installed, updated, and controlled all through the comfort and ease of your WP Dashboard. It's definitely a powerful web design combo!"

Your Professional WP </IDE> In An Instant!

Quickly & Securely Edit Your Files Through Your Favorite Web Browser

No need to get out your local code editor and FTP software. Stay in your browser! Just whip out the Instant IDE Manager Plugin and within seconds you'll have a secure, powerful, and fully functional (I)ntegrated (D)evelopment (E)nvironment!

Preview Your Site As You Customize Its Code!

With the Instant IDE Site Preview Mode enabled you'll enjoy the benefits of both complete control as well as efficient customization. With each save Instant IDE will automatically refresh the site preview window, showing the results in an instant!

The Built-In Console Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Whether you're searching through your files and folders or simply connecting to code repos like GitHub for version control and/or new project ideas, the Instant IDE Console is the terminal you can turn to. ;-)

"Find In Folder" Functionality At Its Best

I personally use this tool ALL THE TIME! When you need to find that specific chunk of code and you have countless files to search through, Instant IDE has got you covered. Needle in a haystack scenarios are not a problem.

Powerful Options Provide Just The Right Amount Of IDE Control

From setting a "Dev Path", to customizing the layout and design of your IDE, to even deciding which editor to use and what color schemes you want your code to display in, Instant IDE provides that sweet spot of "just enough" option control.

Choose Your Favorite Code Editor, Color Scheme, & IDE Theme

Instant IDE includes two of the most powerful web based code editor scripts available today! So you can pick between either the Microsoft backed Monaco Editor or the widely popular Cloud9 backed Ace Editor, with color schemes and themes only a few clicks away!

Drag, Drop, & Right Click Your Way To Full File/Folder Management

Though the file editors found in Instant IDE are a very notable feature, it would be a shame to let that overshadow one of the highlights of this powerful web-based IDE. The file browser found in this tool is top-notch! Drag-n-drop, right-click, upload, download, you name it!

Other Notable Features...

WP Plugin Managed

Instant IDE is fully managed by the Instant IDE Manager WordPress Plugin. This means EZ installs & auto-updates, while iIDE remains WP independent.

WP Independent

Though managed through WP, Instant IDE remains fully independent of the WordPress platform. This means if WP fails during development Instant IDE keeps on kicking!

Rock-Solid Security

Great attention went into locking down Instant IDE! We went many layers deep in ensuring that your sites are secure where Instant IDE is concerned. Learn More...

Fully File Based

With Instant IDE there is no database interaction to account for. Simply a secure file system that can be installed and then uninstalled in an instant, leaving no remnants behind!

Who Is This Tool Designed For?

Instant IDE fills quite a few WordPress developer needs. For one it offers a simple, yet powerful solution for those who need a complete file browser and code editor built right into their website. Not having to cross domain/IP boundaries to edit your site files has many advantages! Another notable user type would be those who prefer keeping their dev work in the cloud. Instant IDE creates a cloud-based dev environment that gives you the power of an external editor and FTP program, built right into your web browser! But ultimately it comes down to control. If you want complete control over your site files without leaving the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard and favorite browser, then look no further than Instant IDE! :-)

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