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  • Cobalt DEV Boost ($599)
  • Become a better Freelance Developer
  • Have Eric’s Undivided Attention!
  • Includes Skype, Email & Dedicated DEV Time *

* This package includes 5 days of focused WordPress Web Development consulting and assistance directly from the Cobalt Apps DEV himself, Eric Hamm. You will receive 3.5 hours of Skype interaction, unlimited direct emails throughout the week, and 5 hours of dedicated development time from Eric.

The goal here is 3 fold:

  1. To help you with your current WordPress freelance DEV project.
  2. To provide in-depth consulting and guidance as you seek to grow as a developer.
  3. To remain connected to those freelancer’s “in the field” so that we can make our DEV tools even better!

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