building-blocksCobalt Apps, LLC is the company that houses my WordPress software development business. On this page I will list the many building blocks of this business, clarifying the components used as the foundation of this company and the many tools I incorporate to make it all happen.

The purpose of such a list is threefold:

  1. I want to clarify to potential customers how Cobalt Apps works and the extent of its business structure and foundation.
  2. I want to provide our current members with this information so it’s crystal clear how they might fully integrate and connect with our company and community as well as utilize everything we offer to everyone who joins.
  3. I want to provide the details as to exactly what tools we use in this company to make it run smoothly. This information should prove useful to others looking to either start their own online WordPress business or those just curious as to what tools others in their field are utilizing.

The 10 Building Blocks of Cobalt Apps, LLC:

  1. (runs off of WordPress…obviously): This is “home base” for the Cobalt Apps company. Of course it runs off of WordPress, the Genesis Framework and Dynamik Website Builder.
  2. Products (Dynamik Website Builder, Genesis Extender Plugin): These are the WordPress web design tools developed, sold and supported by Cobalt Apps.
  3. E-Commerce (Easy Digital Downloads + PayPal): We’ve been using this EDD/PayPal combo for quite some time and find it to be one of the most user-friendly e-commerce solutions out there. EDD seamlessly integrates WordPress with payment processing solutions such as PayPal.
  4. Email Support & Docs (HelpScout): We LOVE HelpScout! Their email support solution is super simple, yet highly refined and as robust as you need it to be without being bloated. And their recent addition of their knowledge base solution is top-notch! It perfectly integrates with their email support system making it the perfect Email Support/Docs solution for small to medium-sized online businesses. It’s super affordable too!
  5. Community Forum (vBulletin): We use vBulletin to provide a feature rich forum solution for our community to connect and share their WordPress, Genesis, Dynamik/Extender and overall web design insight.
  6. Blog (WordPress): Of course we use WordPress for our blog. Not only is it the core of the WordPress platform, but it’s one of the best blogging solutions on the interwebs.
  7. Newsletter (MailChimp): We use MailChimp to send out our Cobalt Apps newsletter and announcements. It’s the best at what it does. (Note that if you’re not already signed up for the Cobalt Apps Newsletter you can do so now by using the form at the top of this page’s sidebar.)
  8. Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+): You can find, follow and like us on these social media outlets. These provide our community with a great way to stay “in the know” with regard to the goings on of Cobalt Apps.
  9. Live Community Connection (Google Hangout – Coming Soon…): We find Google Hangout to be a great way to provide our community with a live, direct connection to our team and each other.
  10. Affiliate Program (ShareASale): ShareASale is one of the top affiliate programs out there and we’d love to have you on board as a promoter of Cobalt Apps products. If you’d like to become a Cobalt Apps affiliate you can do so through THIS PAGE.

The Final Critical Component

Our team and community make up the most critical component of the Cobalt Apps company. Without the people involved in building, supporting and promoting a company the above building blocks would have no foundation to stand on. Thankfully Cobalt Apps has been blessed with a great team and an amazing community of members!

~ Eric Hamm