Complete Control

Over 800 No-Coding Design Options (View Admin Options Here)

Whether you’re a total beginner who wants to be able to customize their site design without coding knowledge or a Developer looking for an efficient design solution for their growing web development business, the Dynamik Website Builder delivers.

The Genesis Framework + The Dynamik Website Builder = One Seriously Powerful WordPress Web Design Tool!

Revolutionary Home Page Control

49 One-Click Home Page Configurations Included

Your home page is the first page your customers see, so naturally its the first one you want to build to suit your vision. Before Dynamik Website Builder, the home page was not an easy thing for end users to build short of learning to code or hiring a developer. With Dynamik, you dream it up and with 1-click, one of the 49 home page configurations will empower you to bring your vision to life.

49 without mentioning the Feature Top AND Fat Footer Widget Areas, each of which offer up to 4 widget areas side by side and allow for 1-click placement on your home page, your website Posts, your website Pages, and your Blog Template. :)

Responsive Design

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly With Genesis & Dynamik!

Our online content is no longer tied to our desktop computer. From Tablets to Mobile Phones we’re quickly consuming our favorite websites on-the-go. So having your website look great on ALL devices is becoming a necessity for many.

Google recommends responsive design as the industry best practice for formatting your content for tablets and smartphones in addition to Extensive Responsive Design features are built right into the Dynamik Website Builder. Providing you with a single click Responsive Activation feature along with intuitive controls allowing you to easily fine-tune the way your site responds to the browser window, Dynamik makes Mobile Friendly web design possible for everyone!

Dynamik Skins

Get A Design Head-Start With Premium Dynamik Skins!

Included with Dynamik Website Builder are 8 Premium Dynamik Skins that cover a wide range of design types and functionality to help give you a head-start on your next Genesis-powered website project. And what’s great about Dynamik Skins is that you not only get pre-customized designs that can be imported into Dynamik in seconds, but you can then tweak those designs and truly make them your own with Dynamik’s hundreds of no-coding design options!

Phenomenal Flexibility

Create Unlimited Custom Widget Areas & Content Areas For Amazing Flexibility

You’re no longer subject to the limits of a default sidebar or two. With Dynamik Website Builder, you’re given a blank canvas to bend to your will using Custom Widget and Content Areas.

Crank out as many new structural additions as you desire and place them where ever you wish.

CSS Builder

A Custom CSS Building Tool That Writes Custom Code For You!

One of the most fantastic aspects of Dynamik is the way we’ve made it super-easy for you to add Custom CSS code all over the place for a greater degree of control over how elements on your site appear.

For those of you who want total control but aren’t a ‘coder’ and don’t want to spend hours learning the finer points of CSS Syntax, you’re in for a treat!

The Dynamik CSS Builder lets you pick and choose what customizations you want to apply and then WRITES THE CODE FOR YOU!

Front End CSS Builder

Seeing Your Custom Styles Take Effect In Real-Time!

The Front-end CSS Building tool is a built-in Dynamik feature that makes writing Custom CSS not only more efficient, but more fun. :) Because it works on the Front-end of your site and manipulates your design in real-time (nothing actually changes for your visitors until you save your changes) you can quickly and effectively adjust the look of your site.

And since the CSS Building Tool is built right in you don’t have to know how to code to make the most of this great Dynamik feature!

Unlimited Google Fonts and More

Comprehensive Web-Safe Fonts And Styling Control

The Dynamik Website Builder is fully integrated with the Google Font Directory API, giving you loads more choices for web-safe typography on your sites.

Dynamik also gives you an amazing degree of control over how text appears on your site. Do you want just your Author Byline Meta fonts to be light gray 10px Lucidia Console? No problem!

To prevent all these controls from becoming overwhelming, we’ve provided you with Universal Font Controls as well. Change a font option in one place and it flips all the other switches for you.

Fast, Efficient Code

Being a Premium WordPress product, Dynamik’s code has been professionally written, refined and maintained to provide a quality foundation for your next web design project. While the back end of Dynamik contains a robust feature set and design controls for every website element, you can rest assured that the front end of your site will be lightweight & efficient.

Automatic Updates

Always Run The Latest Version Of Dynamik Website Builder

With our Auto-Update feature, you’ll be notified right in your WordPress Dashboard as soon as a new version of Dynamik is available. This means you’re always no more than a couple mouse-clicks away from the latest & greatest version of Dynamik Website Builder.

Create Your Own Custom Child Themes With A Single Mouse Click

This is something you won’t find anywhere else. Dynamik can create Custom Child Themes in seconds.

All you have to do is…

  • Utilize the 800+ Dynamik design options to tweak your site’s design to your liking.
  • Add any Custom CSS, Functions, Widget & Content Areas you like and use the Built-In Image Uploader to add any images necessary to make your site shine.
  • Then fill in a few fields, click a single button and instantly download your brand new, totally custom Genesis Child Theme, ready for use in however you see fit.
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Additional Features

Oh Yeah, And A Bunch Of Other Cool Stuff

  • Image Uploader Built into Dynamik for super easy background styling.
  • Full Import/Export of ALL your Dynamik Options
  • Easily Add Your Own Custom Favicon To Your Site
  • Fully Compatible With WordPress MU (Multi-Site)
  • Comprehensive Documentation that’s built right into the Theme Options
  • And A Gazillion Other Things You’ll Experience Once You Buy Dynamik Website Builder!