Dynamik Website Builder


Chris Lema“Genesis is an incredibly powerful theme framework for WordPress websites. But making tweaks to the design often requires some coding or writing some CSS. That’s why I highly recommend Dynamik for everyday users. It gives them an ability to change the look, feel, and fonts of their site without any coding at all. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. That’s why I also use it on my own site.” ~ Chris Lema


Carrie Dils“Dynamik is a powerful theme builder that gives you complete control over your site customizations without having to be a professional developer. From basic color and font stylings to advanced features like custom templates and code add-ins, you can create endless variations with this one theme.


If you’re already settled into a theme you like, but want some of the bells and whistles of Dynamik,the Genesis Extender Plugin is the way to go. It’s a great tool for “do it yourself” types – folks not afraid to get their hands dirty in the code and wanting to learn more. Use it with any theme running on the Genesis Framework and make adding custom CSS, custom functions, or custom hooks a snap – all without ever editing your theme files! It’s an non-intimidating approach to theme customization that will help grow your understanding of the Genesis Framework.” ~ Carrie Dils


Pamela Wilson“Dynamik Website Builder is my favorite tool to recommend to people who want easy-to-use design controls to help them put together a custom website.


It’s built on the rock-solid Genesis Framework, so you’ll always know your site is sitting on a strong foundation.


On top of that, Eric and team provide excellent customer service, so your business will be in good hands!” ~ Pamela Wilson


Andrew Obrigewitsch“I am a front-end web developer, and run my own web Development business. I had always built custom wordpress sub-themes from existing themes.


Then I discovered Cobalt Apps products last summer with Catalyst, on a recommendation from a friend. I was amazed, it was the best framework I had ever used. Being able to edit the code of a site easily from the backend, without actually touching any theme files is just incredible. Making custom hooks from the backend is something I just can’t live without now, I felt like it combined the best of both WordPress and Drupal into one awesome package.


Next they came out with the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis (which makes Genesis the best framework I’ve ever used), at first I really didn’t see the benefit. However shortly after that Genesis released its Scheme.org implementation and I finally realized that Genesis had built in Author tag functionality. All this adds up to some incredible out of the box SEO benefits for any website you built, stuff that would take hours of time to set up before.


One more thing that I find incredible is that you can then export your settings as a custom Genesis sub-theme, which makes it possible to resell themes you create, if you want to. I have a client that has over 100 websites, so I created a couple of custom themes for them to use on different types of sites, now all they have to do is load a theme and their sites look exactly how they want them to.


Now I whole heartedly recommend this product to any WordPress developer that I know, I frankly feel like this is the best kept WordPress secret. If everyone knew how good this product is, they would use it on every site that they make.” ~ Andrew Obrigewitsch